For Parents & Spectators

Football without fans is nothing - Jock Stein

Most of our spectators are parents or relations. Please remember that you are giving encouragement and support to the players to help their development. Enjoy being a spectator, the players appreciate your support. Please remember that the managers and coaches are not child minders but are there to develop football skills and for the younger age groups you should remain with your child at all times during training and matches.

The players can expect that parents and spectators DO:

  • Praise effort and performance more than results.

  • Emphasise fun and enjoyment first and winning second.

  • Praise good sportsmanship and behaviour and show that adults value it, appreciating good football by BOTH teams.

  • Give good notice if you are unable to attend a game.

  • Be considerate to players, officials and supporters of both teams.

  • Learn and help players to understand the Laws of the Game.

  • Set a good example and give players a clear idea of the behaviour expected.

  • Support ALL players in a manner that will maintain the high standards the club expects from all of its players, parents, spectators, managers and coaches.

  • Offer to help the club in any way you can. The football club is run by volunteers and needs parents and supporters to actively help and support it.

  • Talk to the manager if you have any concerns or questions

  • Read and understand the club’s procedures on Child Protection and other codes of conduct which can be found on the club website.

  • Inform your manager if your son or daughter is sent off or booked in a game other than representing Ascot United FC.

  • Ensure that any fines incurred by your child are reimbursed to the club

Equally players can expect that parents and spectators DO NOT:

  • Attempt to ‘coach’ or ‘manipulate’ any players whilst they are playing.

  • Shout, argue, swear, become violent or use sarcasm either directly or indirectly. Maidenhead Magpies F.C. is responsible for parent and spectators behaviour on the touchline. Don’t let the club or the players down. The club may withdraw any teams from any games regardless of the consequences should the team manager believe this behaviour is occurring.

  • Ignore children that need help or assistance.

  • Ever take the law into their own hands. The managers, coaches and officials have been appointed to deal with all situations. Any interference will only escalate the situation.

  • Get drawn into disputes. Youngsters may not understand the language being used by adults, but they are always fully aware of feelings. Arguments and expressions of disquiet will not result in a successful outcome to the game.

  • Force a child to play football, they should want to play and enjoy it

  • attempt to influence or undermine the match officials by appealing for fouls, free kicks etc. Do not dispute or pass comment on referee and linesman’s decisions or ability.

  • Argue with the match officials or make direct or indirect comments about the match officials. Match officials are volunteers who want to enjoy the games as much as you do.

  • Enter the field of play at any time. Always stand at least 1 metre back from the touchline and do not encroach onto the pitch.

In the event of an issue during the game parents and spectators must NEVER contact leagues, the opposition, or the officials by telephone, letter or e mail.

There are official procedures in place for the club to make appeals and protests. Please report any issues to your team manager who will take the appropriate action and/or refer the matter to the Club.