We aim to offer local, life-long, competitive football and coaching and beyond that, social involvement to young people who live in and around Maidenhead that involves;

  • FUN

  • High-quality, age-appropriate coaching in line with FA guidelines to support player development in the long term

  • Structured, competitive football appropriate to all ability levels played in a safe and friendly environment.

  • A challenging, supportive learning environment

  • An expectation of good behaviour & respect for others

  • Encouragement that players try they’re best and make the most of their abilities

  • The Football Pathway offered by MUFC Juniors can be summarised as;


Under 6 Developments 

The MUFC Juniors under 6-development sessions  will provide children with the opportunity to improve their football skills, under the guidance of an FA football coach. Children will develop new skills & techniques, including dribbling, passing, turning & shooting. The main focus is on playing games to get the children used to looking for space & playing against opponents.

Our aim is to provide the children with all relevant skills, techniques & experience to get them ready for their next step onto the footballing ladder.


Mini Football (ages 7-11)

MUFC Juniors aims to deliver through coaching, practice and matches a Positive Learning Environment for all young footballers and supports the FA initiatives of ‘non-competitive’ Leagues.

Coaching and playing priorities for these age groups includes;

  • “The A, B, C’s” – development of Agility, Balance & Coordination

  • Encouragement of creativity & risk-taking

  • Opportunities for success for all players

  • Focus on individual needs of each player

  • Opportunities to play – positional rotation & equal playing time


Youth Football (Ages 12-16)

MUFC Juniors aims to run multiple teams per age group at 11-a-side football that will compete & challenge for honours.

The Coaching and playing priorities for these age groups includes;

  • Ensuring coaching is practical & relevant to ability levels

  • Appropriate tactical instruction

  • Position specific practise

  • Player self-reflection and analysis

  • Encouragement of creativity